Christopher J. Potter, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Neuroscience

The Solomon H. Snyder Department of Neuroscience
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
855 North Wolfe St.
Baltimore, MD 21205
Room: 434 Rangos Building

Phone:  (office) 443-287-4151 (lab) 443-287-4152
Fax: 443-287-7672


Research summary

Dr. Potter and his lab are interested in understanding how the sense of smell is received, interpreted and encoded by neurons in the brain. The lab develops sophisticated genetic techniques in Drosophila to alter the activity of defined neuronal subsets, and then monitors how those alterations affect olfactory behaviors. From such experiments, they aim to understand how different neural circuits give rise to discrete olfactory perceptions like attraction and repulsion. The lab is also interested in understanding systems of olfactory communication, whereby animals use odorants (e.g. pheromones) to relay information about changing conditions in the external environment, and how such olfactory information is further processed by central brain neurons.

Potter Lab