Randall Reed, Ph.D.

Molecular Biology & Genetics

855 N. Wolfe Street
Rangos 431
Baltimore, MD 21205

Office: 410-955-4631
Lab: 410-955-3750
Fax: 443-287-7672



Research summary

Dr. Reed and his colleagues are identifying the pathways responsible for converting smells into signals perceived by the brain and the role of these genes in wiring this extraordinary sensory system. The laboratory also studies the remarkable ability of the nerve cells in the nose to be continually replaced throughout adult life and respond to environmental or traumatic injury by complete neuronal regeneration from identified stem cells. Integrating genetics, physiology, biochemistry, and imaging in the Reed laboratory provides the framework for understanding how sensory systems achieve their incredible sensitivity and specificity in normal individuals and how diseases, aging and environmental assault interfere with these processes. Reed is a co-director of the Center for Sensory Biology.

Reed Lab